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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Third Round Press Conference

Indian Wells, CA, USA

March 16, 2010

J. TSONGA/A. Montanes
4-6, 6-3, 6-3
An interview with:
THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

 Q.  Can you just talk about how you feel about your game right now after getting to the quarterfinals?
 JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  That's okay.  I feel good.  I win, and this is the important thing.
 Today it was tough.  Albert played a good first set.  I was not really good in this first set, but then I change a bit my game and my mind and I played better.

 Q.  What about the conditions out here?  It seems like we hear a lot of the players talking about the conditions are kind of tough, and then you look at some of the results, and, you know, seems like a lot of players are struggling out here.  Are the conditions out here kind of different?
 JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, the conditions of course is different than other tournaments.  But I think it's like every week.  You know, every week we have to change.  We have to play on another surface.
 It's like this, you know, so I think it's not special.  It's just tennis, and that's it.

 Q.  It just seems like a lot of people are having a lot more unforced errors and struggling hitting the ball.  Is there something out there about maybe the courts or the air?
 JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, maybe because the Rebound is higher and the ball go fly a bit, but that's it.

Q.  You've started the year at the Australian Open the last couple years and done very well.  Do you feel like this is a Major tournament to you that will make a big difference in your career here this week?
 JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I think it's possible.  Because if I win here, you know, I will feel better after that for sure.  (laughter.)
 Yeah, of course.  It's good for confident and it's good for my ranking, you know.  It's more easy to win a big event if you are seeded.  I'm not seeded for the moment in Grand Slam.  I have to be in the top 8, and that's why it's important for me.

 Q.  Can you comment about the heat?  Is the heat okay for you?
 JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, right.  I like it.  It's good.  

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