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Vera Zvonareva Second Round Press Conference

Indian Wells, CA, USA

March 13, 2010

V. ZVONAREVA/S. Stephens
6-4, 7-5
An interview with:
 THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

 Q.  This girl is only 16.  What do you think of her after this match?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  I think she's a very good player already.  She's very young, but she's got the game, definitely.  You know, it wasn't easy for me out there, especially with those conditions, quite windy, cold, so I had to make the game a little bit ugly.  I wasn't able to go for my shots that I usually go for.
 She's definitely a tough one, and I think if she keeps working hard she's got a great future ahead of her.

 Q.  How do you feel about coming back here and defending your title?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  It's always great, you know, to come back to the place where you won a title.  I feel great.  I know it's a new year.  It's a tough challenge, you know, this year.  It was tough last year, but it's even tougher this year.
 But I feel great.  You know, it's a great atmosphere.  I feel a lot of support and I have a lot of friends here, so it's a great feeling.

 Q.  What was it like to walk back out on the court tonight?  Did it bring back memories of last year?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  Um, actually, not at all.  I was concentrating on my match, because it's a new day.  I'm experienced enough already, and I know that    I know that last year was last year, and I have to take it step by step this time again.
I was just trying to concentrate on point by point, especially with those tough conditions.  I had to pace myself a little bit to play a little bit more patient and sometimes choose different shots.
 Yeah, but actually it's just your -- it just reminded me about the last year's final where it was very, very windy, as well.

 Q.  How different player are you compared with last year?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  I've been through a lot of injuries last year.  Well, actually, a bad injury, and I think I'm a bit more experienced right now.  But I think I was already experienced player last year.  I was already different player last year compared to what I was before.
 I think there is not much difference at the moment.  It's just that, you know, I wasn't able to play full year last year, and I'm excited about this year.  I'm hoping to, you know, stay injury free, and hope I can do my best this year.

 Q.  What's your new coach give you?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  You know, every coach brings something different to the table.  Everyone thinks different about the game.  Everyone thinks different technical things, different tactical things, so it's    you can't just say it's one particular thing.
 It's generally everything around.  It's just change    you looking at the game from a different angle a little bit.  And every time, you know, new person who is working with you bringing something new.
 So I wouldn't say it's totally different, but just a little few different things.  And, you know, I like it.

 Q.  Have you had a chance to look at the draw and who you're playing next?
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  I never look at the draw, so actually Vanni just told me that my opponent is    my opponent is actually playing right now.  It's winner of Ana or Sevastova.
 So I think it's gonna be tough match no matter what, you know.  Whoever is in the third round of Indian Wells, well, they deserve to be in the third round, so it's going to be tough one for me.

 Q.  Do you pay attention to what's going on in the tournament?  Because there has been a few upsets already, a few players.
 VERA ZVONAREVA:  Really?  I never really look at the draw, and I'm not really following matches.
 But, yeah, I know I think Justine lost yesterday to Gisela, and Gisela is a good player.  She played really well, and she deserved to win that one.
 Other than that, I'm not really following.  I'm trying to concentrate, you know, on my game.  And if you follow all the results every week   and we play, I don't know how many weeks, 30 weeks a year, it will get crazy.    

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