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Yanina Wickmayer Third Round Press Conference

Indian Wells, CA, USA

March 15, 2010

6-1, 3-6, 6-3
An interview with:

 THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

 Q.  What do you think of your performance today?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  I'm quite happy about the way I pulled this match out.  Started off really well.  Played a very good first and third set.  I'm a little disappointed about the second set.
 I let her back in the game and started playing less aggressive, and she took over.  She plays very well when she's aggressive and when she can move into the court.  So yeah, she played really well second set.
 And then third set I started to be more aggressive again, served better.  I was a better player in the third set, but she played a very good match.  I know she's tough to play.  She doesn't give a lot of rhythm.  She has a lot of variety in her game.  But I'm quite happy.

 Q.  Are you happy in general with your year?  You've had some good wins and some tough losses, too.
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Yeah, I mean, I started off the year really well.  I won my first title of the year and had a good run in the Australian Open getting through to the quallies and playing fourth round.  That was quite exciting.
 Then I was sick in Paris and Dubai.  I had a stomach flu, so I was pretty bad there.  So I lost, yeah, but I was mentally tired.  I was physically tired.  So I wasn't really at my best there, but I'm feeling better again and playing good here.  So I'm really excited.

 Q.  Are you feeling confident in third sets right now?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Yeah, I played some already this year, so    yeah, I mean, physically I'm always still there.  I'm still physically strong in the third set.  So, yeah, I mean, I could pick it up again in the third set today and then start off to be more aggressive like in the first set.
 Yeah, I mean, the more three setters you play, the more experience you have, the better it goes.

 Q.  What do you tell yourself?  With the second set the way it was, what do you kind of tell yourself in between going into the third set that you need to change?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  I think the second set was pretty clear.  I wasn't being aggressive at all.  I was letting her play her game, and then, yeah, really get on top of me and let her play aggressive and move into the court.  So I knew if I wanted to turn things around I needed to be more aggressive again.
 So I just started off really moving well and really being really aggressive on my legs and moving into the court, and I started serving a lot better, because I had the intention of being aggressive.
 So that helped my serve getting better.  And you know, when I started to be more into the court and move more in, then she was making more mistakes and couldn't play her game.  That's what I really tried to do in the third set.

 Q.  Is there one thing you can point to that you're better at than you were a year ago?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Um, mentally, for sure.  I mean, today again I proved that even if the second set wasn't too good, I can go into the match again and do things better like I did the second set and just start over and then forget the second set and just play better and good again in the third.
 So I think a year or two ago I wouldn't be able to do that.  So today I can, and that's why I'm winning those matches.  That's really helped me the last couple of years.

 Q.  So you're not getting down on yourself mentally, even if you have a bad game or a bad set?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Yeah, that's it.  I mean, I think that's -- that's the quality of the top players.  If you see the top 10 players play, they never show their emotions.  They're just the same face during the whole match, and I think that's really important in tennis.
 You have your ups and downs during the match, and it's important in the down times to stay focused and positive.  You try to do things better, and I think a lot of top players pull out those matches because mentally they're just stronger than the other player.
 I think that's a big point for me to still work on, and it's gotten a lot better the last two years.

 Q.  How have you managed to stay focused and positive on court given what's happened with you off court?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Um, that's a good question.
 I don't know.  I mean, I just try to play match by match, point by point, and just try to do every point what I want to do and I told myself before the match to do.  I'm trying to stay focused and just trying to go for every shot, trying to go for every point, trying to enjoy playing.

 Q.  The hearing comes up in April; is that right?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  I have no idea.

 Q.  So you have no idea.  Do you know what the process is?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  No.  I have no idea what's going to happen, so we'll see.

 Q.  You're just leaving that aside because you want to focus on your tennis and you're letting other people...
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Well, for sure I'm focusing on tennis.  I'm not a lawyer.  I'm not someone that can do anything about it.  I'm focused on my game, and the rest    I think nobody knows what's going to happen, so we'll just leave it by that.  I'm just focusing on my game until then.

 Q.  Even though it was a loss, I think the match against Justine in Australia was a pretty high quality match.  Were you disappointed with it, or could you see good parts of that match for you?
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Of course I was a little disappointed by my chances that I didn't take.  I had set points in the first set.  But, I mean, I was really happy about the way I played, about the way I managed everything.
 I mean, it was a big match for me on center court against Justine.  Justine was a big match for me, and it was a really nice match and I really enjoyed it and I'm glad the way the I played.
 In the future I'm going to learn a lot out of it.  I think it was a good experience for me to play her.  Of course disappointment always comes after a loss, but I think afterwards I was quite happy about the way I managed everything.

 Q.  You play Azarenka in the next round.  She's another young player like you, top 10 player.  I would think it's an important match.
 YANINA WICKMAYER:  Well, I've never played her, so I have no idea how she plays.  Probably my coach is going to watch her a little bit today.
 But of course she played semis here last year, won Miami.  She's been a really good player the last couple of years, and she really improved her game, and is top 10 for two years now.  I think she's a really good player.
 I think it's gonna be a very good match for me to see where I am and to see where my level is at.  So I'm quite excited and quite nothing to lose, so I'm going to go into that match and just focus and do what I have to do and just, yeah, try to give everything I have.   

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