Around The Grounds – Novel-tees

Some folks make a ritual of grabbing souvenirs from the BNP Paribas Open, and we offer our picks for those who prefer to wear their memories from this year’s tennis in the desert. 

One for you, onesie for me: At the Fila tent, pick up these fun, matching shirts and onesies, decorated with pastel tennis ball stamps. ($25 for the shirt, $18 for the onesie).

Shop Links: Fila Shop | BNP Paribas Open Online Shop | Quenching Your Thirst In A Desert Oasis

(PHOTO: black t-shirt with IWTG logo embroidered)

For when it gets cold: In case you’re not from around here, a little style tip: it’s layers, layers, layers. The searing temps in the daylight give way to significantly colder temps at night. If you’re looking for a sweatshirt to add to your wardrobe, here’s our pick. Nothing says classic desert tennis like the IWTG’s logo, complete with palm tree silhouette and shades of adobe. (IWTG Tennis Collection tent, $54.)

(PHOTO: green t-shirt with California and tennis ball; mannequin navy and white stripe Lacoste dress)

Tennis In Style: On the left, a vintage-inspired BNP Paribas Open tee at the Fila tent and a classic tennis dress in navy and white (with a peekabo red placket) from Lacoste, from the IWTG Tennis Collection.

(PHOTO: Pink RF shirt; grey Roger That. shirt)

V is for Roger Federer: The ladies can grab their Federer Fan Club uniforms in the form of these v-neck tees cheering on the four-time champion. (IWTG Tennis Collection)