Quenching Your Thirst in a Desert Oasis

One of the many things on our minds here at the BNP Paribas Open (aside from tennis, of course!) is how to quench our thirst on the grounds. Old-fashioned H2O? We’ve got that covered. Some ice-cold beer? By the pint. Signature cocktails? Complete with a view onto Stadium 2. Did we miss anything?

Read on to find your favorite watering hole at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden!

B.Y.O.B.: As in Bring Your Own… Bottle. Use and re-use your water containers to stay hydrated during your time at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden with the Brita Water Stations located outside Stadium 2, next to Entry G.

“I already tried this water and it tastes good,” said Rene, a long-time fan who stood in a line to fill his bottles. “As you can see, everyone likes it, and it’s free!”

Make It A Memory: The tournament has cups shaped as Penn ball cans (pictured, right) available at various concession stands throughout the grounds.

Beware The Brain Freeze: One of our favorite ways to battle the heat is by picking up a soft frozen lemonade from the ”Snack Break” kiosk near Stadium Plaza. The line is always a few people deep, but it’s worth the wait! (Alternately, a kiosk in Stadium 1, Level 3, between Entry E & F also sells the same, but without any lines at all.)

Bonus: If you are craving Thai Iced Teas, they’re available at Satay outside Stadium 2.

(PHOTO: Fans with Margaritas)

Lynn and Jim of Redondo Beach, Calif., sat down with their “No Fault” Margaritas (complete with souvenir cup!) at the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar.

For those who prefer beer, wine, and cocktails, here’s the skinny: Michelob Ultra and Bud Light are the draft beers available on the grounds (available at the Circle of Palms and the Emirates Garden Club), with a few more varieties on tap upstairs in Stadium 2′sPiero’s PizzaVino.

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At Nobu, a full bar (also with beer and wine) is complemented by an assortment of sakes and signature cocktails including the Matsuhisa Martini (vodka, sake, ginger, and garnished with cucumbers) and a lychee and edelflower concoction.

At the Chop House, the extensive drink menu (also w/ full bar, beer, and wine) includes the tennis-themed Center Court — in essence, a Bloody Mary.

Where are your favorite drink spots on the grounds? Let us know!